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Italian Greyhound


A dainty gaceful small dog. Smallest in size among yhe Greyhounds. He is well suited as a house dog because he is affectionate, lively and easily cared for due to his short coat.

Head: long, narrow; flat skull.

Muzzle: long narrow und tapering; black or grey-brown nose.

Eyes: large, round, dark vivid.

Ears: set high and well back; rose ears.

Neck: long, leanl, graciously arched.

Chest: deep and narrow.

Back: arched with the most pronounced curvature in the loins. Belly well tucked up.

Forequarters: thin bone, straight legs.

Hindquarters: strong muscular second thighs; straight legs, well-angulatad hocks.

Feet: long hare-feet.

Tail: thin, carried in a slight bow, not curled; tapering to the point.

Colour: wole-coloured in all grey and brown shades; black or two-colour brindled or with patches; white blaze on chest and white spots on feet permitted.

Coat: silky in texture, fine.

Height: desired size about 35cm, not more than 38cm.

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