Chihuahua - Z Wrzosowej Łąki - hodowla charcików włoskich oraz chihuahua

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A lively toy and lap dog somewhat resembling the miniature Pinscher, but smaller than the latter. As breeding can be difficult, he is expensive.

Head: well-rounded, apple-shaped skull, well-defined stop.
Muzzle: tapering; nose slightly pointed, black; in yellow and white dogs rose-coloured.
Eyes: big, round, dark or ruby.
Ears: large, set wide apart; when attentive, carried obliquely erect.
Neck: slender, slightly arched.
Chest: deep.
Back: straight; it should be slightly longer than shoulder height.
Forequarters: dainty, straight; legs placed well under the body.
Hindquarters: well muscled.
Feet: small, moderately long toes; neither cat nor hare-feet.
Tail: moderately long, curled upwards or sidewards or over the back.
Colour: any colour permissible.
Coat: there are two varieties: short-haired, soft dense, flat; long-haired, waved, or flat, and soft; ears with fringes; legs feathered, trousers on hind legs, tail flagged, collar.
Height: 15 to 23 cm; weight 0,5 to 3 kg; 1 to 2 kg desirable.

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